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Aims and objectives of the school

                       The modern system of education, especially science education, regards life as a completely material phenomenon. As a result we see today a great breakdown of moral and ethical principles in all sections of society.
Sri Krishna Mission School emphasizes the importance of the spiritual dimension of life. This is in accord with the information found in the time honoured scriptures of the world, which have formed the foundation for lives of the most noble minded individuals in the history of human civilization.

                       The aim of Sri Krishna Mission School is to create the best educated class men and women who can understand essential meaning and purpose of life. This school will train children from a very young age since the impression made in the child’s formative years having a lasting effect which stay throughout this life. Hence, this school will fill the gap left by the modern education and will provide sound basis for the development of a civilized society for modern man free from quarrelsomeness, hatred, godlessness and thus making the world a peaceful place for everyone.

                        Another unique feature of this school will be the introduction of BHAKTI as a practical science which can be used for understanding the ultimate aim of life. Children should be formally trained to give respect to teachers, elders and parents as well as how to be clean inwardly and outwardly and to completely free from the influence of bad habits such as smoking, intoxication, gambling, improper conduct in the relation between boys and girls.

                      Most importantly, they will be trained how to develop devotion for duty and love for God, the ultimate basis of the noblest of life.

                      We should also like to create a spirit of missionary zeal among our students in order to protect and preserve the science of BHAGAVADGITA & SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM the foundation of SANTANA DHARAM not only in India but also throughout the rest of the world.

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