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Facilities available in the school

                       The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography and Computer Laboratories. All are spacious, airy, well illuminated and consists of all required equipment and infrastructure as prescribed by the Board Models, Charts and Audio Visual Aids and Also available for various subjects.
Co-curricular Activity

                       All the co-curricular activities of the school are conducted with the HOUSE System, Children are divided into four groups for competition and participation in all co-curricular activities. Fortnightly competitions are incentives to each group to work hard everyday.
The monthly meeting of each House tends to foster a family spirit and union among all classes.
The four Houses with their respective mottos are :
                                           House                                            Motto                                   
                                           Nivedita House                          Perseverance
                                           Matangini House                       Hard work / Dedication
                                           Vivekananda House                 Cheerfulness
                                           Netaji House                                Courages
The House systems involves various other competitions ( Inter House / Inter Class)
                       Cultural and literary activities debate, quiz and other activities are encourages in every academic session. The school has good facility of both indoor and outdoor games.
School Canteen :
                       The management maintains a strictly vegetarian kitchen and observes fundamental principles of balance nutrition. All cooking is done in pure groundnut.

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