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                       Sri Krishna Mission School was established by His Holiness B.S.Damodar Swami (Dr.T.D.Singh) a famous scientist in the year 1991 to impart education among the students to inculcate spiritual and moral values and the message of patriotic and humanitarian spirit.
The aim of the school is to inculcate man-making education based as spiritual and moral values. The school authority is committed to provide all sorts of facilities for the overall development of the students in both scholastic and co-scholastic arenas. The School is well-e1uipped with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Maths and Geography labs.
The school maintains strict discipline in every matter in the school premises during the school  hour. The school has been achieving cent percent success in both Secondary and Sr .Secondary Board Exam Level for the last 14 years.
The school has engaged a good no. of qualified trained teachers in all subjects to impart interactive teaching-learning process. To achieve academic Excellency, the school management is committed to extend all sorts of facilities to the students and teachers. The entire school premises is under CTV surveillance and CCTV is installed in every class room, in all labs and infront of toilets. The entire school is under Central Audio System which helps us inform any things to the students and teachers as and when it is necessary. The school authority imposes minimum reasonable tuition fees which is less than that of other similar schools.
Mr. D. B. Das
- Director

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